DAL Global Services Air Cargo Traffic Agent LAX in Los Angeles, California


Delta Global Staffing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, is seeking candidates for an Air Cargo Traffic Agent job Los Angeles, CA (LAX). Delta Global Staffing has been providing full service staffing solutions and great benefits to clients and employees since 1995. In the Air Cargo Traffic Agentjob, the qualified candidates will be able toroute inbound and outbound air freight shipments to their destinations by performing all required documentation tasks, both electronically and hardcopy. This individual interfaces with customers on various levels, ensuringaccurate and timely movement of cargo.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs all functions of the customer's in house computer system(s), including Automated Air Manifest System (AMS) & Automated Air Export System (AES), as required.

  • Prepare and handle all phases of import and export documentation, including, but not limited to: calculating freight, storage, and other related charges; preparing documents for next sector transfer, delivery, and other related cargo handling phases, such as preparing cargo manifests.

  • Accept and check air way bills against customs and other regulatory agency requirements such as cargo screening.

Cargo Acceptance:

  • Ensure compliance with Airline customer requirements.

  • Ensure compliance with all Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Customs & Border Patrol (CBP), and all other applicable regulatory guidelines.

  • Data capture & input required for Airline Computer system or other cargo software applications.

  • Assign shipments in relevant computer system in accordance with airline booking and load planning.

  • Ensure compliance with special cargo including, but not limited to AVI, HUM, VAL and other airline specific products.

  • Arrange Police escorts when relevant/required.

  • Ensure special cargo is dispatched to relevant flights in time to meet scheduled departure.

  • Breakdown Airway-bills (AWBs) in accordance with airline requirements.

  • Prepare computer manifest and other records in accordance with airline procedure, including Dangerous Goods (DG) ‘Notification To Captains’ (NOTOCs), and other relevant documents. Check for accuracy and completeness.

  • Send special handling telexes/messages in accordance with airline requirements & regulations.

  • Release flights and check for completion of data transfer between computer systems to the extent possible.

  • Prepare Airway-bills (AWBs) and secure payment from private shippers when necessary, as permitted by Government Regulations.

  • Ensure documents are filed with CBP in accordance with required deadlines.

  • Answer queries, tracing actions in a timely manner.

  • Ensure retention of required delivery records.

  • Initiate freight discrepancy action where required.

  • Monitor the acceptance of specialty products, including Valuables (VAL) & Perishables, ensuring secure storage as required.

Import Handling:

  • Monitor inbound messages, manifest inbound shipments accordingly, proactively preparing for inbound traffic after flight release by overseas stations.

  • Arrange for Police escorts where relevant & as required.

  • Ensure preparation & editing of required data in the relevant computer Air Manifest System and ensure transmission, where required, in compliance with the Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) deadline.

  • Prepare Carriers Certificates (CCs) for all inbound manifested shipments as well as for House Airway-bills (HAWBs) where applicable.

  • Receive documents pouch from flights.

  • Match AWBs and attached documents with previously prepared Carriers Certificates.

  • Prepare breakdown & freight check in manifests for warehouse staff use, including special handling instructions or storage requirements.

  • Sort & distribute AWBs in accordance with established policies & procedures.

  • Document locations received from check in process on correct tallies, verifying totals for accuracy.

  • Initiate discrepancy messaging as appropriate after completion of check in.

  • Prepare Documents for distribution to Brokers and Consignees.

  • Assign documents to messenger service company’s pickup slots.

  • Notify Consignees and/or Brokers as required.

  • Distribute documents to correct Brokers, Consignees or messenger service Companies.

  • Calculate charges due at freight pick up time, make collection, & document in accordance with established policies & procedures.

  • Monitor Air Manifest System for freight releases at time of pick up.

  • Finalize shipments in Computer systems when required.

  • Verify that complete shipments have been appropriately signed for and the documentation finalized.

  • Initiate follow up tracing action as required for all discrepancies, in accordance with Company & customer requirements.

  • Monitor the delivery of specialty products, such as Valuables (VAL) & Perishables, to customers.

  • Obtain US Customs Release of aircraft & freight.

Benefits Available:

  • Flight Privileges

  • Medical and Dental Insurance

  • Short-term Disability

  • Life Insurance

  • 401K Savings & Retirement

*Delta Global Staffing (DGS) has been ranked among Atlanta’s Top 25 Staffing Agencies by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for 14 consecutive years. We have over 170 locations in 49 states and we are the only staffing firm offering flight privileges to our employees, creating value for our clients and personnel. Contact us today to discuss available contract and direct hire positions. DGS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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